Blog Personal: Feeling weird…

Something’s going on….

I don’t feel well but I can’t describe what it is…

I just…

Fail to feel a sense of meaning. Not sure why. It’s like something’s been switched off without my knowing.

Weird… Feeling of emptiness, but it’s not mine. I know my meaning and my motivations, but they’re disconnected right now.

This has been happening for some days i think.

At the store, i could hear myself spelling the numbers without recognising my voice or if the numbers sounded that way. Was that number called five? i talked too fast, though i know i didn’t, were those numbers correct?

I felt my head throbbing moments ago.

And right now it’s hard to keep cleaning the house.

Am i getting sick?

Should i rest or keep busy?

I can’t hear my guys.

Now i remember I had weird dreams. Blue dreams. I even thought i was hallucinating but i was just dreaming , listening to loud voices and music as if they were on headphones, and seeing weird blue patterns on the walls of my room.

Antef was the one getting up today.

Where is everyone?

Weeeeeeeird feeling. I feel as if I’m drunk, only not dizzy, just tired, foggy thoughts, kinda numb.

I’ve decided I’ll keep busy.

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